Earn Money in India Without Investment { Start At 0/mo }

By | October 1, 2018

Do you want to earn money online ? Have you ever thought of making money from home ?

Then, We must say that you have landed on right page.

Because we have found best ways to earn money online without investment. If you can arrange Internet and computer/laptop then you can use this way to earn money online in India.

It will not take even one rupee so you can work and make money on Internet by using free resources and website.

Some websites claims to be offering you package and course to teach you ” How To Earn Money From Home ” but Internet is place where everything is available for free so you do not need to register/pay for any course.

Let’s start our the best way to earn money from online.

5 Best Way To Earn Money in India Without Investment

Paid To Click (PTC)

PTC sites is the first way to earn money in India without investment for beginners like Students who want to make money from home through Internet. You do not even need to invest a bit. You can just start making money online from day one.

It does not require any specific skills to do the work. You just simply need to register with PTC site and start earning money at home.

It is not for those who want to make $1000 but for those want to earn enough to make their livelihood. It does not take money from you for registration. So you can register with them without any worry.

So what you need to do ? Are you thinking same ?

You need to click the advertisement for 30 seconds and get paid for each click and advertisement you view.

There are many PTC Sites where you can register for making money online by clicking/viewing ads. But for you, we are sharing few best PTC Sites ( ClixSense & ScarletClicks ) so that you will directly go and signup.

2. Earn with GPT Sites

Talking about another best way to earn money online investment, we can say that GPT Sites is what you need for earning money from Internet. You do not need to do any hectic task for making money.

If you do not want to go with PTC sites then you can try earning money online from home through GPT Sites by taking part in small online surveys, playing games and watching videos etc.

Good thing about GPT (InboxDollars & CashCrate ) is that you get paid through Paypal for work you do for them. So, there is no scam but money out there but you gotta work. Money does not flow without working.

3. Earn Money from Survey

You can also earn money on Internet by completing surveys of companies that take 5-15 minutes. This companies partners with survey providers who conduct survey and let user give their view on that.

Survey providers give you money in return for your feedback and opinion on a survey in which you have taken part. You just need to choose one option out of given.

You can easily make about $20 depends on the length of the survey. You just have to sing up with such survey providers and then complete your profile for taking part in survey.

Survey Providers Sites : PrizeRebel, BankingConsumerSurveys &  Clixsense .

4. Make Money With Blog

We must say that you can only make few dollar by PTC, GPT & Survey sites but by creating a blog you can make hundreds of dollar.

How ? Yes everyone ask this question when we say that only blogging can make so much money.

To earn money with adsense, You need to have blog and you are done.

Once you create a blog and start getting audience then you need to monetize that blog with Adsense that is Google’s ad network.

But it is not that easy as it take some time for blog to get traffic regularly. So you need to have patience but once you starts making money then you will surely love it.

5. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is another easy way to earn money online without investment, if you do not find above way easiest. Freelancing is easy because you do work what you know the most for those who need it to be done urgently so for that work you get paid.

Is not it easy ? You just have to do what you are interested in and get paid. It is that simple.

In simple term, you need to provide services to companies on demands. You can work whenever you feel free or like doing.

But, you will have to deliver order on time if you want money.
Freelancers makes $500 to $1000 a month depends on skills they have. But, most trending skill in market are content writer, graphic designer and web designer.

There are many sites where you can register yourself for getting orders. Best sites are upwork and fiverr.

Note : You will find 15-20 ways to make money on Internet but most of that way require investment either in term of buying services and in advertising. So stay away from those because, trying that way to earn money online will just consume your time and energy.

So above is all the way to earn money in India without investment. We have more way to make money online but that require little amount of money for starting so we did not share that with you. If you want us to share that ways as well then let us know below.

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