Ratan Tata Contact Details, Mobile Number, Office Address & Email ID

By | April 5, 2018

Are you looking for Ratan Tata Email ID, Contact Details and Mobile Number ?

We Know because there are many youth who wanna contact Ratan Tata for Investment and that is only reason they keep finding his personal email id.

So, We are going to share with you complete ratan tata contact details including Ratan Tata personal email id and contact number including phone number and mobile number that may be of his personnel assistance.

We do not think if we need to tell anything about him like bio and introduction because if we need then situation became awkward as you wanna contact Tata but do not know about him make it bit complicated. So, we are leaving this part and heading to Ratan Tata Email Address.

We should note it down that Ratan Tata mobile number and email ID is being monitored by Team which so ever is appointed by him to take notice of Phone calls and email id because he is very busy business man and has so many work to do. So we respect his time and patiently wait for his reply.

Ratan Tata Contact Details, Mobile Number, Office Address & Email ID

We have provided each and every contact details of Ratan Naval Tata that is available to us in any form including Ratan tata Email address, Phone number, Email address, Personal Office address, Mobile number, Website, Official Facebook Page, WhatsApp number and House address.

Ratan Tata Email Address & Website

Official Website of Ratan Naval Tata’s Company :
1. tatatrust.org ,
2. tata.com ,
3. tata.co.uk ,
4. international.com ,
5. tatasteel.com ,
6. tatadocomo.com ,
7. tatahousing.com ,
8. tatapowersolar.com ,
9. tataprojects.com ,
10. tatasky.com ,
11. tatasponge.com ,
12. tatatechnologies.com ,
13. tataindicom.com ,
14. tatatinplate.com ,
15. titan.co.in,
16. titanworld.com,
17. tanishq.co.in/,
18. titaneyeplus.com/
19. xylyswatches.com/,
20. fastrack.in

Ratan Tata Email Address

Ratan Naval Tata Personal Email ID srtt@tatatrust.org,

Ratan Tata Office Email ID office@tata.com

Ratan Naval Tata UK Email Adress tata@tata.co.uk

China’s Email ID of Ratan Naval Tata atachina@tata.com

Switzerland’s Email Address of Ratan Naval Tata : info@tata.ch

There are many Email ID’s of Ratan Tata of different companies , We have provided websites of each company so find contact details of which company you want. Then contact him accordingly

Ratan Tata House Address

Ratan Naval Tata Office Address : Bombay House, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai 400 001, India.

Residence Address of ratan tata : Bakhtawar”, Colaba, Mumbai, India

If You wanna see How Ratan Tata’s house look like then here is video

Ratan Naval Tata Social Media Account

Facebook Page of Ratan : facebook.com/notavailable

Twitter Account of Ratan : twitter.com/rntata2000

He is not active on Facebook and other social media platform but somehow managed to tweet once in while. So you can connect with him and leave message if you want.

Ratan Tata Contact Details

Ratan Tata Contact Number : +91226665 8282
+91226665 8000

Ratan Naval Tata WhatsApp Number : +91226665 8013

Ratan Tata Mobile Number : +91226665 8000

Residence Telephone Number : +91226665 8282

Residence Fax Number : Not Available

Office Fax Number : 91226665 8013

He is not active on Facebook and other social media platform but somehow managed to tweet once in while. So you can connect with him and leave message if you want.

25 thoughts on “Ratan Tata Contact Details, Mobile Number, Office Address & Email ID

  1. हरपाल सिहं

    मि.रतन टाटा साहब हम ने MAGIC IRIS ली जिसमे सवारी नही मिलती Parts बहुत महेंगे हैं हम घर का खृचा नही निकाल पाते आप ने गाडी बना के गलती हम ने ले के
    गलती की है। आप के Eng.इतना भी नही सोच सके कि इतनी महंगी गाडी वो भी Treewheeler
    के मुकाबले इतना भी नही सोचा कि एक आम आदमी घर का खचॉ उठाएगा या गाडी का हम बहुत परेशान है कृपया आप गाडी वापस लिजिए या उस Eng. से पूछिए कि उस ने ऐसा कि्यो किया ? अदालत मे Case भी डाल दिया है हम ने
    कृपया आप गाडी वापस ले लिजिए आप की अति कृपया होगी ।
    हरपाल सिहं B 50 c RANJEET VIHAR,NILOTHI EXTEN.NEW DELHI 110041


    Respected sir,
    Mane apna sara pf nikal kar aap se ek gadi li thi Indigo ecs 5 september 2016 Delhi Raghuvanshi Motors limited. Lakin jab se hi mane gadi li hai tab se main paresan hoon. Ye kabhi raste main band ho jati subha ke time start hi nahi hoti. Es baat ko main sab se bool chuka hoon lakin koi sunvai nahi hoti. Kripiya aap apni gadi vapas le or mujhe mere paise wapas de.

  3. Parneeta sharma

    Hi good evening sir , I am Parneeta from Alc travel company I am want to start work with you for a domestic or international holiday packages we have a very best rates in a market plz give opportunity to work start with you.

    Parneeta sharma

  4. Sunny Sharma

    I’am sunny Sharma
    I want funds for my startup plans from Mr. Ratan tata

  5. Nishikant Bhalerao

    Hello Sir

    Sorry to bother you for this very small issues. I live in Australia came to visit my father and mother.

    I bought Samsung oven from chroma, kandivili (w). When person came to our home for demo and open the box first time, he found that oven is not working fine. Then they sent another engineer he also found that oven is faulty. Then we went to chroma for complaint they said we will replace the product. Till now 2 more times People visited to our home nothing has happened. Now exactly 1week is gone no action has been taken.

    Sir we respect you a lot. We believe that you are genuine person that is why we are not going to reliance or any other dealer to purchase the product.

    I believe you can resolve this issue ASAP.
    Or could you pls give us method to resolve this issues. We already talked with customer service as well.


    Nishikant Bhalerao

  6. Ishwar sharma

    Sir….muje apke pass aana hai….plzz sir….sir apki compny aur apka naam aur upr tk le jaunga only one chnce ek apne son ki trh….

  7. Pankaj

    Ratan tata sir I brought a tata tiago car from concord Tata patparganj Delhi they give me a defective car the broken down in after 21day completely. And they refused to replace it. Please consider my application & replace the defective car. I will very thankful to you.


  8. manoj joshi

    sir i have mailed you my business plan and current sitauation ,as i feel only you cangive me a path it is a unique project related with constrcution equipments i request you to please go through it and if possible please give your valuablwe time to convince and start the project

  9. Vilas Bhausaheb shelke

    Sir, I want to talk about myself in a Marathi film, and I hope that you will give me the best time.

  10. Vilas Bhausaheb shelke

    Sir, I want to talk about myself in a Marathi film, and I hope that you will give me the best time.

  11. Dipak Kr Mahato

    Hi Ratan Sir, I am not here to ask for any business purpose. I am here to help u out..

    Just wanna ask one simple question through that only I came to know that whether u need my help or not…

    The question is…. U came to this planet earth bare handed right…. Now what will u believe How will u Go……

    To the blog handler….
    Please respected Mam/Sir I need this answer directly from Ratan Sir… Please don’t ignore this message.. Its a question of lakhs of Employees also who r working under Ratan Sir…

    Also… I won’t ask a Single penny for that and also I don’t need any publicity.. Please keep in mind


    Sub: Its high time TATA cars need New Logo

    As TATA has done a great makeover of their vehicles by introducing the latest ‘impact design’ as referred to the new design language. TATA vehicles are known as sturdy, safe vehicle with best features and mileage and has surely changed the perception of the customers, which has led a little boost in the sales of the nextgen vehicles but still has not made the required impact and encash it fullest.
    Taking this improvisation to the next level and making it more sophisticated image TATA needs to improvise the existing logo. The existing logo creates monotony and gives image of old basic passenger cars.

    Logo creates first impression and adds beauty and gives brand image of the product. Many car industries such as Fiat, Volvo, BMW, Lamborghini and many such more have improvised their logo.
    The Tata’s recent cars NEXON, HEXA, TIGOR, TIAGO are excellent cars with feature packed interiors and space but could not acquire remarkable sales volume. As well as the proposed concept cars displayed at AUTO EXPO 2018 such as H5X and 45X etc. are head turners

    TATA can fetch more share in car sales volume with its quality and featured cars if change /improvise its existing Logo.

    Admirer Of Tata Cars
    Yashanjay Shinde

  13. Atul Kimmatkar

    Dear Sir
    I am a dairy technical guy working in the field since last 25 years.Sir kindly give me a chance to work in your philanthropic activities. Salary not a problem sir since I am a NRI and now wish to contribute for good cause. Regards

  14. pramod

    Hi Ratan Ji, You have made us proud, you are a true Indian, respect, may God bless you, Bharat Mata kee jay

  15. Kundendu Kumar Sengupta

    Dear Mr Tata,
    Bullet 350 classic is selling like hot cakes. What about a retro car from the Tata stable?
    But not like the new Beetle, which is way over priced and doesn’t have the same charm. Something that is fully functional and economical.
    No need to worry about the Nano fiasco. It was a dream that didn’t work out. I bought one and loved every minute that I used it.
    I had a Ford Prefect (1951) and loved it too, just as much I loved my Maruti 800 which was with me for 23 years.
    Will you please give it at least one thought?
    With best regards,

  16. Nadim

    Full form of ratan tata and tata company sir give me chance I m a letter man and artist

  17. Mukesh Patel

    Sir, I am tata docomo customer and struggling since 2-3 months for the TATA connection cancellation as after migration of CDMA to GSM , we are not getting the connection speed 3G as commited and team are not helping for the existing connection cancellation since 3 months and getting unwanted billing notifications which we are not using. I am currently cordinating with ‘Appellate.GJ@tatadocomo.com’. Appreciate quick help in this regards.

  18. Rakesh kumar

    Respected sir,
    Please help me sir,
    I’m very Hard working and Onest Person

    I have a Experience over a Period of 12+ year in Four Line highway Bridge / Flyover and RCC Structure , Residenceal Township Building (construction and Finishing)Main Power House- Building, Boiler Unit, High- Rise commercial, Institutional & Building, Control Room Building, Thermal Power Waste Water Treatment Plant & Refinery Oil and Gases and Commercial Projects, ESP Unit ID Fan DM Plant , Filter Water Storage Tank , CMB & CW Pump House, PT Plant ,Fully Water package Plants in India.
    Working in deputy manager-Civil at BGR Energy Systeam Limited , Vijayawada

  19. Vaibhav mahajan

    Hi sir,im vaibhav mahajan from pune.mai apse milna chahta hun please appoint me…

  20. Sharjil khan

    I have a plan to take tata nano from .Flop to superhit. if you want to create history this plan will be very beneficial to you…

    1. Manoj Kumar

      Vivek vidyalaya , chhota govindpur, Jamshedpur who is organised by Tata motors illegal constructing boundary wall on my 12 feet road. Please look in the matter personallu

  21. Arindam Awasthi

    I am Arindam Awasthi from Delhi, pursuing graduation. I would like to meet you as I am very much inspired by the way Tata group operates and your personal humanastic leadership. You are a role model for millions like me.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Arindam Awasthi

  22. મયુર કાન્ત વાસુદેવ પ્રસાદ શમૉ

    નમસ્તે સર અમારે આપને રૂબરૂમાં ફક્ત 15 મિનિટ માટે મળવું છે. સમય આપવા વિનંતી છે…


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